Class PrincipalMatchReport

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Report, XmlSerializable

    public class PrincipalMatchReport
    extends AbstractSecurityReport
    PrincipalMatchReport can be request for any collection resources. The resulting report identifies member resources that either represent the requesting principal ("principal resources") or contain a specified property that matches the requesting principal in its value. For the first match the request body must contain a DAV:self element, for the latter a DAV:principal-property element which in turn specifies the property to be examined.

    The request body MUST be a DAV:principal-match XML element:

     <!ELEMENT principal-match ((principal-property | self), prop?)>
     <!ELEMENT principal-property ANY>
     ANY value: an element whose value identifies a property. The value of this
     property typically contains an href element referring to a principal.
     <!ELEMENT self EMPTY>
     prop: see RFC 2518, Section 12.11
    The response body of a successful report must contain a DAV:multistatus element. Each matching member is present with a separate DAV:response element.