Class PrincipalSearchReport

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Report, XmlSerializable

    public class PrincipalSearchReport
    extends AbstractSecurityReport
    The PrincipalSearchReport performs a search for all principals that match the search criteria specified in the request.

    The following XML structure is required in the request body:

     <!ELEMENT principal-property-search ((property-search+), prop?, apply-to-principal-collection-set?) >
     <!ELEMENT property-search (prop, match) >
      prop: see RFC 2518, Section 12.11
     <!ELEMENT match #PCDATA >
     <!ELEMENT apply-to-principal-collection-set #EMPTY >
    DAV:property-search contains lists the properties to be searched inside the DAV:prop element and the query string inside the DAV:match element. Multiple DAV:property-search elements or multiple elements within the DAV:prop element will be interpreted with a logical AND.

    DAV:prop lists the property names to be reported in the response for each of the principle resources found.

    DAV:apply-to-principal-collection-set: Optional empty element. If present in the request body the search will be executed over all members of the collections that are listed as values in the DAV:principal-collection-set property present on the resource the report has been requested for. Otherwise the search is limited to all members (at any depth) of that resource itself.

    The response body must contain a single DAV:multistatus XML element.