Interface WorkspaceResource

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    DavResource, DeltaVResource
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    public interface WorkspaceResource
    extends DeltaVResource
    A workspace resource is a collection whose members are related version-controlled and non-version-controlled resources.

    RFC 3253 defines the following required live properties for an Workspace resource.

    Note, that RFC 3253 doesn't define a separate resource type for a workspace.

    The workspace resource must support all methods defined for a DeltaV-compliant collection. Since no additional methods are required for a workspace this interface mainly acts as marker.

    Please refer to RFC 3253 Section 6 for a complete description of this resource type.

    • Field Detail


        static final DavPropertyName WORKSPACE_CHECKOUT_SET
        The DAV:workspace-checkout-set property is the only required property which is additionally added to a workspace resource.
        This computed property identifies each checked-out resource whose DAV:workspace property identifies this workspace.

        Note that the DAV:workspace-checkout-set represents a HrefProperty.


        static final DavPropertyName CURRENT_ACTIVITY_SET
        DAV:current-activity-set is a required property for a workspace resource, if the server supports the activity feature.
        It identifies the activities that currently are being performed in this workspace. When a member of this workspace is checked out, if no activity is specified in the checkout request, the DAV:current-activity-set will be used. This allows an activity-unaware client to update a workspace in which activity tracking is required. The DAV:current-activity-set MAY be restricted to identify at most one activity.

        The property is defined to have the following format:

         <!ELEMENT current-activity-set (href*)>
        Note that the DAV:current-activity-set represents a HrefProperty

        static final DavPropertyName BASELINE_CONTROLLED_COLLECTION_SET
        The Baseline feature (section 12) defines the following computed property for a workspace resource: DAV:baseline-controlled-collection-set lists all collections of this workspace, that are under baseline control. This list may include the workspace itself.

        The property is defined to have the following format:

         <!ELEMENT baseline-controlled-collection-set (href*)>
        Note that the DAV:baseline-controlled-collection-set represents a HrefProperty