Class ExpandPropertyReport

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    DeltaVConstants, Report, XmlSerializable

    public class ExpandPropertyReport
    extends AbstractReport
    implements DeltaVConstants
    ExpandPropertyReport encapsulates the DAV:expand-property report, that provides a mechanism for retrieving in one request the properties from the resources identified by those DAV:href elements. It should be supported by all resources that support the REPORT method.

    RFC 3253 specifies the following required format for the request body:

     <!ELEMENT expand-property (property*)>
     <!ELEMENT property (property*)>
     <!ATTLIST property name NMTOKEN #REQUIRED>
     name value: a property element type
     <!ATTLIST property namespace NMTOKEN "DAV:">
     namespace value: an XML namespace
    NOTE: any DAV:property elements defined in the request body, that does not represent HrefProperty is treated as in a common PROPFIND request.
    See Also:
    DeltaVConstants.XML_EXPAND_PROPERTY, DeltaVConstants.XML_PROPERTY