Class SupportedReportSetProperty

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    DavConstants, DavProperty<Set<ReportType>>, PropEntry, XmlSerializable

    public class SupportedReportSetProperty
    extends AbstractDavProperty<Set<ReportType>>
    SupportedReportSetProperty represents the DAV:supported-report-set property defined by RFC 3253. It identifies the reports that are supported by the given resource.
     <!ELEMENT supported-report-set (supported-report*)>
     <!ELEMENT supported-report report>
     <!ELEMENT report ANY>
     ANY value: a report element type
    • Constructor Detail

      • SupportedReportSetProperty

        public SupportedReportSetProperty()
        Create a new empty SupportedReportSetProperty.
      • SupportedReportSetProperty

        public SupportedReportSetProperty​(ReportType[] reportTypes)
        Create a new SupportedReportSetProperty property.
        reportTypes - that are supported by the resource having this property.
    • Method Detail

      • addReportType

        public void addReportType​(ReportType reportType)
        Add an additional report type to this property's value.
        reportType -
      • isSupportedReport

        public boolean isSupportedReport​(ReportInfo reqInfo)
        Returns true if the report type indicated in the specified RequestInfo object is included in the supported reports.
        reqInfo -
        true if the requested report is supported.