Apache Jackrabbit : JcrLinks

11This page contains links to articles and applications based on JCR and Jackrabbit.


See also http://www.slideshare.net/tag/jackrabbit, http://www.slideshare.net/tag/jcr, http://www.slideshare.net/tag/sling.

  • Magnolia - Simple Open-Source Content Managment
  • JBoss Portal - Open source and open standards Java Portal
  • JBoss Drools - Business Logic integration Platform
  • jLibrary - Document Management System oriented for personal and enterprise use
  • Liferay Portal - Open source portal platform
  • Nuxeo 5 - Open source framework for ECM applications
  • Hippo ECM Scaling Content Management platform, including repository, CMS and portal building blocks
  • OpenKM - Open Source Document Management System
  • Sakai - enterprise-ready collaboration and courseware management platform.
  • Archimede - Open Source Document Management System based on Jackrabbit
  • Artifactory - Maven2 proxy repository based on JCR (using Jackrabbit as the implementation)
  • Sun's OpenPortal Project will soon have CMS infrastructure based on Jackrabbit according to this Sun Blog
  • JCRSync - JCR synchronisation service using Funambol and SyncML
  • QuickWCM - Web Content Manager (WCM) with a very easy to use web-based interface
  • swecr - Semantic Web Content Repository
  • Mindquarry - The Open Source Collaborative Software
  • JBoss Shotoku - Content Repository Framework
  • Apogee Rich Client Platform for ECM mentions JCR as a nice to have, not sure if they support it already
  • Ametys CMS using Jackrabbit for content storage
  • JeCARS Java Extendable Contents And Rights System. Contains a generic JCR backup tool (JeCARS BackupTool).
  • Mule's (Open Source Enterprise Service Bus) JCR transport. Have a look at this article.
  • Igenko Igenko is an open source CMS and eCommerce solution, natively designed with REST principles, extensibility and Rich Internet Application in mind.
  • ETICS ETICS provides a service to help software developers, managers and users to better manage complexity and improve the quality of their software.
  • Wyona Yanel - Content Managment System/Framework
  • BRIX CMS - based on Wicket and Jackrabbit.
  • ControlTier - Framework/Toolset for automating the release, deployment, and control of multi-tier applications.
  • Gluebox - Eclipse based information management application
  • JSPWiki - JSPWiki 3.0 (in Apache Incubation) uses JCR as content backend.
  • Engroup - A AIR-Flex(frontend) / Java(backend)groupware application provides collaboration solutions for enterprise.
  • Silverpeas the libre Collaborative Portal Solution uses Jackrabbit for storage and webdav direct edition.
  • Gravity - A JCR-based workflow automation system, source code at https://github.com/cheetah100/gravity
  • Meta64 - A JCR-based "Mobile First" Wiki-type CMS built on Oak and MongoDb

An overview of JCR explorer tools can be found in this article JCR Tools Roundup.