Apache Jackrabbit : JcrMeetupMarch2009

JCR community gathering in Amsterdam in March 2009

As a sidetrack of ApacheCon Europe 2009, we are organizing a community gathering for everyone interested in the JCR standard and related projects like Jackrabbit and Sling. The gathering is free for everyone (but please sign up) and will take place at the ApacheCon venue in Amsterdam. All JCR users and developers are welcome to participate.

Feel free to update this page. If you're new here, see HelpForBeginners for how to get started.

Where and when

The JCR meetup starts at 20:00 on Tuesday, March 24, and lasts for about two hours. The location is the Mövenpick hotel in central Amsterdam.


If you are interested in sponsoring a the JCR MeetUp, contact Delia Frees: delia@apachecon.com

Sign up

Please sign up to the event using the sign up form.


The program of the gathering consists of short (5 to 30 minutes) presentations, demos, discussions, etc. that anyone is welcome to propose. Just add your ideas to the table below. One key purpose of the gathering is to get to know what each of us is up to, so it would be really cool if you'd like to present or demo what you're doing with JCR!

Any JCR-related topic is OK, and no slides or demos are needed (but there's a beamer if you need it). Also, a presentation of just 5 minutes is perfectly OK, in fact a short and to the point style is preferred.

It may be that we won't have time to cover every subject, so please put your initials in the Interested columns for each proposal you're interested in so we can better prioritize what to include in the program of the gathering.

The schedule below is a rough estimate whose idea is to give a general idea of what to expect and when. We can and will modify the schedule as needed. We'll also have a few short breaks during the meetup for people to stand up and relax.






Introductions and setup




Migration of our custom CMS from Oracle 9iFS to Jackrabbit

Dennis van der Laan

Jukka, Eric


CMIS and Jackrabbit

roundtable discussion?

Arje, Bertrand, Jukka, Eric, Dennis


JeCARS and Jackrabbit

Jacco van Weert



The future of Jackrabbit

Jukka Zitting

Eric, Dennis, Alex, Bertrand


Lessons from CouchDB, Solr, etc.

Jukka Zitting

Alex, Bertrand


Semantically enhanced search (IKS project)


Jukka, Arje


JSPWiki and JCR (or how to really ruin your christmas vacation by implementing JCR from scratch)











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