Apache Jackrabbit : Mix -referenceable

Mixin type for referenceable nodes.


[mix:referenceable] mixin
- jcr:uuid (STRING) autocreated mandatory protected INITIALIZE


The referenceable mixin type specifies the jcr:uuid string property that contains the Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) of a node. The UUID of a node can be used in a REFERENCE property to point to that node. The jcr:uuid property is automatically created by the repository implementation and can not be modified.

The only standard way for an application to explicitly set the UUID of a created node is to use the XML import feature in JCR level 2.

You can get the UUID of a node by calling javax.jcr.Node.getIdentifier() (since JCR 2.0).

By setting this mixin type, it also becomes possible to retrieve a node by it's UUID, regardless of which path it has. This is done by calling session.getNodeByUUID(<the UUID of the node as a String>)

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