Apache Jackrabbit : Oak Blob Stores

Oak Blob Stores

An Oak blob store is an optional storage component for storing large binary values. It is similar in concept to the Jackrabbit 2.x official documentation] with some enhancements as described in the [https://jackrabbit.apache.org/oak/docs/plugins/blobstore.html.

This page is for development purposes to capture and collaborate on Oak blob store ideas in development. Once implemented the official docs should be updated accordingly.

Cloud Blob Stores

Cloud blob stores are Oak blob store implementations that store blobs in cloud storage via a cloud storage API. The following blob store implementations are currently available in Oak (as of 1.6):

  • S3 Data Store
  • Azure Data Store

Possible future work in this area could include blob stores for Google Cloud Storage or OpenStack. Work on a generic cloud blob store using e.g. JClouds has been started and could be formalized.

Composite Blob Stores

A Composite Blob Store is a logical blob store that performs the blob storage functions via at least two other blob stores, based on configuration. The blob stores used by the composite blob store to perform the storage functions are called delegate blob stores. Composite blob stores must act as a single logical blob store to the rest of Oak, with all the implementation hidden within the context of the composite blob store.