Apache Jackrabbit : OakComponentStructure

From the oak-dev@ list, here's an early proposal for the overall Oak component structure:


A suggested way of dividing this to actual components (already outdated):


Whiteboard from a discussion about how the functionality between the JCR and MP APIs should be organized:


Functionality which goes into oak-jcr:

  • Transient space: using Microkernel for write ahead
  • Name space (re-) mapping: use prefix throughout the stack. Either rename or double dispatch on remapping
  • copy, move, import, export
  • UUID resolution

Functionality which goes below the Oak API:

  • Tree update and access
  • Versioning (including mechanism for import)
  • ACL evaluation
  • Authentication
  • Name space map (i.e. the realisation of the map, not the process of (re-) mapping)
  • Name and path validation
  • Locking?
  • UUID map
  • UUID validation