Interface JackrabbitObservationManager

    • Method Detail

      • addEventListener

        void addEventListener​(EventListener listener,
                              JackrabbitEventFilter filter)
                       throws RepositoryException
        Adds an event listener that listens for the events specified by the passed JackrabbitEventFilter.

        In addition to the EventFilter, the set of events reported will be further filtered by the access rights of the current Session.

        See JackrabbitEventFilter for a description of the filtering parameters available.

        The filter of an already-registered EventListener can be changed at runtime by re-registering the same EventListener object (i.e. the same actual Java object) with a new filter. The implementation must ensure that no events are lost during the changeover.

        In addition to the filters placed on a listener above, the scope of observation support, in terms of which parts of a workspace are observable, may also be subject to implementation-specific restrictions. For example, in some repositories observation of changes in the jcr:system subgraph may not be supported.

        listener - an EventListener object.
        filter - an JackrabbitEventFilter object.
        RepositoryException - If an error occurs.