Interface Query

  • @ConsumerType
    public interface Query
    A query to match Authorizables. Pass an instance of this interface to UserManager.findAuthorizables(Query). The following query finds all users named 'Bob' which have the word 'engineer' in its description and returns them in ascending order wrt. to the name.
      Iterator<Authorizable> result = userMgr.findAuthorizables(new Query() {
          public <T> void build(QueryBuilder<T> builder) {
                      property("@name", RelationOp.EQ, valueFactory.createValue("Bob")), builder.
                      contains("@description", "engineer")));
              builder.setSortOrder("@name", Direction.ASCENDING);
    • Method Detail

      • build

        <T> void build​(@NotNull
                       @NotNull QueryBuilder<T> builder)
        Build the query using a QueryBuilder.
        Type Parameters:
        T - Opaque type of the query builder.
        builder - A query builder for building the query.