Class AbstractSharedBackend

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractSharedBackend

        public AbstractSharedBackend()
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      • getReferenceFromIdentifier

        protected java.lang.String getReferenceFromIdentifier​(DataIdentifier identifier)
      • getOrCreateReferenceKey

        public byte[] getOrCreateReferenceKey()
                                       throws DataStoreException
        Returns the reference key of this backend. If one does not already exist, it is automatically created in an implementation-specific way. The default implementation simply creates a temporary random key that's valid only until the data store gets restarted. Subclasses can override and/or decorate this method to support a more persistent reference key.

        This method is called only once during the lifetime of a backend instance and the return value is cached in memory, so it's no problem if the implementation is slow.

        reference key
        DataStoreException - if the key is not available