Interface UserConfiguration

    • Method Detail

      • getUserManager

        @NotNull UserManager getUserManager​(Root root,
                                            NamePathMapper namePathMapper)
        Create a new UserManager instance
        root - The root associated with the user manager.
        namePathMapper - A name path mapper used for conversion of jcr/oak names/paths.
        a new instance of UserManager
      • getUserPrincipalProvider

        @Nullable PrincipalProvider getUserPrincipalProvider​(@NotNull
                                                             @NotNull Root root,
                                                             @NotNull NamePathMapper namePathMapper)
        Optional method that allows a given user management implementation to provide a specific and optimized implementation of the PrincipalProvider interface for the principals represented by the user/groups known to this implementation. If this method returns null the security setup will by default use a basic PrincipalProvider implementation based on public user management API or a combination of other PrincipalProviders as configured with the repository setup.
        root - The root used to read the principal information from.
        namePathMapper - The NamePathMapper to convert oak paths to JCR paths.
        An implementation of PrincipalProvider or null if principal discovery is provided by other means of if the default principal provider implementation should be used that acts on public user management API.
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