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Package org.apache.jackrabbit.rmi.client

Client implementation of the transparent JCR-RMI layer.

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Package org.apache.jackrabbit.rmi.client Description

Client implementation of the transparent JCR-RMI layer.

This package contains the default client implementation of the transparent JCR-RMI layer. The classes in this package can be used to make a remote JCR-RMI service seem like a local JCR repository.

The contents of this package is designed using two design patterns, Factory and Adapter. All the ClientObject subclasses implement the Adapter pattern to adapt a remote JCR-RMI reference to the corresponding local JCR interface. The Factory pattern is used to centralize the creation and configuration of all adapter instances.

Looking up a JCR-RMI client

The ClientRepositoryFactory class provides a convenient mechanism for looking up a remote JCR-RMI repository. The factory can be used either directly or as a JNDI object factory.

The following example shows how to use the ClientRepositoryFactory directly:

    String name = ...; // The RMI URL of the repository
    ClientRepositoryFactory factory = new ClientRepositoryFactory();
    Repository repository = factory.getRepository(name);

The ClientRepositoryFactory can also be used via JNDI. The following example settings and code demonstrate how to configure and use the transparent JCR-RMI layer in a Tomcat 5.5 web application:

    <Resource name="jcr/Repository" auth="Container"
      <description>The external content repository</description>
    Context initial = new InitialContext();
    Context context = (Context) initial.lookup("java:comp/env");
    Repository repository = (Repository) context.lookup("jcr/Repository");

Note that in the example above only the context.xml configuration file contains a direct references to the JCR-RMI layer. All other parts of the web application can be implemented using the standard JCR interfaces.

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