Class AbstractQueryImpl

    • Field Detail

      • sessionContext

        protected final SessionContext sessionContext
        Component context of the current session
      • index

        protected final SearchIndex index
        The actual search index
      • cache

        protected final org.apache.jackrabbit.core.query.lucene.PerQueryCache cache
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractQueryImpl

        public AbstractQueryImpl​(SessionContext sessionContext,
                                 SearchIndex index,
                                 PropertyTypeRegistry propReg)
        Creates a new query instance from a query string.
        sessionContext - component context of the current session
        index - the search index.
        propReg - the property type registry.
    • Method Detail

      • getRespectDocumentOrder

        public boolean getRespectDocumentOrder()
        If set true the result nodes will be in document order per default (if no order by clause is specified). If set to false the result nodes are returned in whatever sequence the index has stored the nodes. That sequence is stable over multiple invocations of the same query, but will change when nodes get added or removed from the index.

        The default value for this property is true.

        the current value of this property.
      • setRespectDocumentOrder

        public void setRespectDocumentOrder​(boolean documentOrder)
        Sets a new value for this property.
        documentOrder - if true the result nodes are in document order per default.
        See Also:
      • needsSystemTree

        public abstract boolean needsSystemTree()
        Returns true if this query node needs items under /jcr:system to be queried.
        true if this query node needs content under /jcr:system to be queried; false otherwise.