Class DateField

  • public class DateField
    extends Object
    Implements Date <-> String conversions in a way that the resulting String is suitable for indexing and sorting.
    • Field Detail


        public static final String MIN_DATE_STRING
        Returns '000000000' -> something around 30 BC

        public static final String MAX_DATE_STRING
        Returns 'zzzzzzzzz' -> something around 3189
    • Method Detail

      • dateToString

        public static String dateToString​(Date date)
        Converts a Date to a string suitable for indexing. This method will throw a RuntimeException if the date specified in the method argument is before 30 BC or after 3189.
      • timeToString

        public static String timeToString​(long time)
        Converts a millisecond time to a string suitable for indexing. Supported date range is: 30 BC - 3189
        IllegalArgumentException - if the given time is not within the supported date range.
      • stringToTime

        public static long stringToTime​(String s)
        Converts a string-encoded date into a millisecond time.
      • stringToDate

        public static Date stringToDate​(String s)
        Converts a string-encoded date into a Date object.