Class IndexMigration

  • public class IndexMigration
    extends Object
    IndexMigration implements a utility that migrates a Jackrabbit 1.4.x index to version 1.5. Until version 1.4.x, indexes used the character '￿' to separate the name of a property from the value. As of Lucene 2.3 this does not work anymore. See LUCENE-1221. Jackrabbit >= 1.5 uses the character '[' as a separator. Whenever an index is opened from disk, a quick check is run to find out whether a migration is required. See also JCR-1363 for more details.
    • Constructor Detail

      • IndexMigration

        public IndexMigration()
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      • migrate

        public static void migrate​(org.apache.jackrabbit.core.query.lucene.PersistentIndex index,
                                   DirectoryManager directoryManager,
                                   char oldSeparatorChar)
                            throws IOException
        Checks if the given index needs to be migrated.
        index - the index to check and migration if needed.
        directoryManager - the directory manager.
        oldSeparatorChar - the old separator char that needs to be replaced.
        IOException - if an error occurs while migrating the index.