Class ChildNodeConstraint

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    public class ChildNodeConstraint
    extends HierarchyConstraint
    ChildNodeConstraint implements a child node constraint.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ChildNodeConstraint

        public ChildNodeConstraint​(ChildNodeImpl constraint,
                                   SelectorImpl selector)
        Creates a child node constraint from the given QOM constraint on the given selector.
        constraint - the QOM child node constraint.
        selector - the selector.
    • Method Detail

      • evaluate

        public boolean evaluate​(ScoreNode[] row,
                                Name[] selectorNames,
                                EvaluationContext context)
                         throws IOException
        Evaluates this constraint for the given row.
        row - the current row of score nodes.
        selectorNames - the selector names associated with row.
        context - the evaluation context.
        true if the row satisfies the constraint, false otherwise.
        IOException - if an error occurs while evaluating the constraint.