Interface Name

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    Cloneable, Comparable, Serializable

    public interface Name
    extends Comparable, Cloneable, Serializable
    A Name is a combination of a namespace URI and a local part. Instances of this class are used to internally represent the names of JCR content items and other objects within a content repository.

    A Name is immutable once created.

    The String representation of a Name object must be in the format "{namespaceURI}localPart" (called the "expanded form" in the Section of the JCR 2.0 specification).

    Warning: the expanded form can be used in certain JCR methods, but will not work in case the namespace URI is not an empty string nor an (absolute) URI (as per RFC 3986, Section 3).

    An implementation of the Name interface must implement the Object.equals(Object) method such that two Name objects are equal if both the namespace URI and the local part are equal.