Class DescendantPathNodeJoin

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    public class DescendantPathNodeJoin
    extends AbstractCondition
    DescendantPathNodeJoin implements a descendant path node join condition.
    • Constructor Detail

      • DescendantPathNodeJoin

        public DescendantPathNodeJoin​(MultiColumnQueryHits context,
                                      Name contextSelectorName,
                                      Path relPath,
                                      HierarchyManager hmgr)
                               throws IOException
        Creates a new descendant path node join condition.
        context - the inner query hits.
        contextSelectorName - the selector name for the inner query hits.
        relPath - the relative path of the join condition.
        hmgr - the hierarchy manager.
        IOException - if an error occurs while reading from the index.
    • Method Detail

      • getMatchingScoreNodes

        public ScoreNode[][] getMatchingScoreNodes​(ScoreNode descendant)
                                            throws IOException
        Returns the matching inner score nodes for the given outer score node sn.

        The outer query hits loop contains the descendant nodes.

        descendant - the current score nodes of the outer source.
        the matching score nodes in the inner source.
        IOException - if an error occurs while evaluating the condition.