Class OracleConnectionHelper

    • Constructor Detail

      • OracleConnectionHelper

        public OracleConnectionHelper​(DataSource dataSrc,
                                      boolean block)
        dataSrc - the DataSource on which this helper acts
        block - whether to block on connection loss until the db is up again
    • Method Detail

      • init

        public void init()
                  throws Exception
        Initializes the helper: checks for valid driver version. Subclasses that override this method should still call it!
        Exception - on error
      • replaceCharacter

        protected final void replaceCharacter​(StringBuilder escaped,
                                              char c)
        Since Oracle only supports table names up to 30 characters in length illegal characters are simply replaced with "_" rather than escaping them with "_x0000_". Called from ConnectionHelper.prepareDbIdentifier(String). Default implementation replaces the illegal characters with their hexadecimal encoding.
        replaceCharacter in class ConnectionHelper
        escaped - the escaped db identifier
        c - the character to replace