Class Oracle10R1ConnectionHelper

  • public final class Oracle10R1ConnectionHelper
    extends OracleConnectionHelper
    The connection helper for Oracle databases of version up to 10.1. It has special blob handling.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Oracle10R1ConnectionHelper

        public Oracle10R1ConnectionHelper​(DataSource dataSrc,
                                          boolean block)
        dataSrc - the DataSource on which this helper acts
        block - whether to block on connection loss until the db is up again
    • Method Detail

      • init

        public void init()
                  throws Exception
        Retrieve the oracle.sql.BLOB class via reflection, and initialize the values for the DURATION_SESSION and MODE_READWRITE constants defined there.
        init in class OracleConnectionHelper
        Exception - on error
      • execute

        protected PreparedStatement execute​(PreparedStatement stmt,
                                            Object[] params)
                                     throws SQLException
        Wraps any input-stream parameters in temporary blobs and frees these again after the statement has been executed. This method is used by all methods of this class that execute SQL statements. This default implementation sets all parameters and unwraps StreamWrapper instances. Subclasses may override this method to do something special with the parameters. E.g., the Oracle10R1ConnectionHelper overrides it in order to add special blob handling.
        execute in class ConnectionHelper
        stmt - the PreparedStatement to execute
        params - the parameters
        the executed statement
        SQLException - on error