Interface InternalFrozenNode

  • All Superinterfaces:
    InternalFreeze, InternalVersionItem

    public interface InternalFrozenNode
    extends InternalFreeze
    The InternalFrozenNode interface represents the frozen node that was generated during a Node.checkin(). It holds the set of frozen properties, the frozen child nodes and the frozen version history references of the original node.
    • Method Detail

      • getFrozenProperties

        PropertyState[] getFrozenProperties()
        Returns the list of frozen properties.
        an array of property states
      • getFrozenId

        NodeId getFrozenId()
        Returns the frozen node id.
        the frozen id
      • getFrozenPrimaryType

        Name getFrozenPrimaryType()
        Returns the name of frozen primary type.
        the name of the frozen primary type.
      • getFrozenMixinTypes

        Set<Name> getFrozenMixinTypes()
        Returns the list of names of the frozen mixin types.
        the list of names of the frozen mixin types.
      • hasFrozenChildNode

        boolean hasFrozenChildNode​(Name name,
                                   int idx)
        Checks if this frozen node had the indicated child node.
        name - name of the childnode
        idx - 1-based index
        true if the child node exists