Interface HierarchyEntry

    • Method Detail

      • denotesNode

        boolean denotesNode()
        True if this HierarchyEntry would resolve to a NodeState.
      • getName

        Name getName()
        the name of this hierarchy entry.
      • getWorkspacePath

        Path getWorkspacePath()
                       throws RepositoryException
        If this entry has not been modified this method returns the same as getPath(). In case of moved items this method return the original path as it is present on the persistent layer.
      • getParent

        NodeEntry getParent()
        Returns the NodeEntry being parent to this HierarchyEntry.
        the parent HierarchyEntry
      • getStatus

        int getStatus()
        If this HierarchyEntry provides an underlying ItemState this method returns the status of that state, otherwise it returns Status._UNDEFINED_.
        Status of the ItemState or Status._UNDEFINED_ if this entry has not been resolved yet.
        See Also:
      • isAvailable

        boolean isAvailable()
        Returns true if the referenced ItemState is available. That is, the referenced ItemState has already been resolved.
        Note, that the validity of the ItemState is not checked.
        true if the ItemState is available; otherwise false.
        See Also:
      • getItemState

        ItemState getItemState()
                        throws ItemNotFoundException,
        If this HierarchyEntry has already been resolved before (see isAvailable()), that ItemState is returned. Note however, that the validity of the State is not asserted.
        If the entry has not been resolved yet an attempt is made to resolve this entry, which may fail if there exists no accessible ItemState or if the corresponding state has been removed in the mean time.
        the referenced ItemState.
        ItemNotFoundException - if the ItemState does not exist anymore.
        RepositoryException - If an error occurs while retrieving the ItemState.
      • setItemState

        void setItemState​(ItemState state)
        Set the ItemState this hierarchyEntry will be resolved to.
        state -
      • invalidate

        void invalidate​(boolean recursive)
        Invalidates the underlying ItemState if available and if it is not transiently modified. If the recursive flag is true, also invalidates the child entries recursively.
        Note, that in contrast to reload(boolean) this method only sets the status of this item state to Status.INVALIDATED and does not actually update it with the persistent state in the repository.
      • calculateStatus

        void calculateStatus()
        Calculates the status of the underlying ItemState: any pending changes to the underlying ItemState are applied.
      • revert

        void revert()
             throws RepositoryException
        Traverses the hierarchy and reverts all transient modifications such as adding, modifying or removing item states. 'Existing' item states are reverted to their initial state and their status is reset to Status.EXISTING.
        RepositoryException - if an error occurs.
      • reload

        void reload​(boolean recursive)
        Reloads this hierarchy entry and the corresponding ItemState, if this entry has already been resolved. If 'recursive' the complete hierarchy below this entry is reloaded as well.
        recursive -
      • transientRemove

        void transientRemove()
                      throws InvalidItemStateException,
        Traverses the hierarchy and marks all available item states as transiently removed. They will change their status to either Status.EXISTING_REMOVED if the item is existing in the persistent storage or Status.REMOVED if the item has been transiently added before. In the latter case, the corresponding HierarchyEntries can be removed as well from their parent.
        InvalidItemStateException - if this entry has been removed in the mean time.
        RepositoryException - if an error occurs while removing any of the item states e.g. an item state is not valid anymore.
      • remove

        void remove()
        Removes this HierarchyEntry from its parent and sets the status of the underlying ItemState to Status.REMOVED or to Status.STALE_DESTROYED, respectively. If this entry is a NodeEntry all descending ItemStates must get their status changed as well.
      • getGeneration

        long getGeneration()
        The required generation of this HierarchyEntry . This is used by the ItemInfoCache to determine whether an item info in the cache is up to date or not. That is whether the generation of the item info in the cache is the same or more recent as the required generation of this entry.