Class AbstractExportContext

    • Field Detail

      • completed

        protected boolean completed
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractExportContext

        public AbstractExportContext​(Item exportRoot,
                                     boolean hasStream,
                                     IOListener ioListener)
    • Method Detail

      • hasStream

        public boolean hasStream()
        Description copied from interface: IOContext
        Return true if the given export context can provide an output stream
        Specified by:
        hasStream in interface IOContext
      • informCompleted

        public void informCompleted​(boolean success)
        Description copied from interface: IOContext
        Informs this context that it will not be used for further exports any more. A boolean flag indicates about the success of the export.
        Specified by:
        informCompleted in interface IOContext
      • isCompleted

        public boolean isCompleted()
        Description copied from interface: IOContext
        Returns true if this context already has been completed.
        Specified by:
        isCompleted in interface IOContext
        true if this context already has been completed.
      • checkCompleted

        protected void checkCompleted()