Interface ExportContext

    • Method Detail

      • getExportRoot

        Item getExportRoot()
        Returns the item to be exported
      • getOutputStream

        OutputStream getOutputStream()
        Return the output stream to be used for the export or null
        output stream or null
      • setContentType

        void setContentType​(String mimeType,
                            String encoding)
        Set the content type for the resource content
      • setContentLanguage

        void setContentLanguage​(String contentLanguage)
        Sets the content language.
      • setContentLength

        void setContentLength​(long contentLength)
        Sets the length of the data.
        contentLength - the content length
      • setCreationTime

        void setCreationTime​(long creationTime)
        Sets the creation time of the resource. A successful properties export may set this member.
        creationTime - the creation time
      • setModificationTime

        void setModificationTime​(long modificationTime)
        Sets the modification time of the resource
        modificationTime - the modification time
      • setETag

        void setETag​(String etag)
        Sets the ETag of the resource. A successful export command may set this member.
        etag - the ETag
      • setProperty

        void setProperty​(Object propertyName,
                         Object propertyValue)
        Sets an arbitrary property to this export context.