Class EventFilterImpl

    • Constructor Detail

      • EventFilterImpl

        public EventFilterImpl​(int eventTypes,
                               Path absPath,
                               boolean isDeep,
                               String[] uuids,
                               Set<Name> nodeTypeNames,
                               boolean noLocal)
        Creates a new EventFilterImpl.
        eventTypes - the event types this filter is interested in.
        absPath - filter events that are below this path.
        isDeep - whether this filter is applied deep.
        uuids - the jcr:uuid of the nodes this filter allows.
        nodeTypeNames - the Names of the already resolved node types this filter allows.
        noLocal - whether this filter accepts local events or not.
    • Method Detail

      • accept

        public boolean accept​(Event event,
                              boolean isLocal)
        If an implementation returns true the event will be included in the event bundle returned by RepositoryService.getEvents(Subscription, long). A return value of false indicates that the client is not interested in the event.
        Specified by:
        accept in interface EventFilter
        event - the event in question.
        isLocal - flag indicating whether this is a local event.
        true if the event is accepted by the filter; false otherwise.
      • getEventTypes

        public int getEventTypes()
        the event types this event filter accepts.
      • isDeep

        public boolean isDeep()
        true if this event filter is deep.
      • getAbsPath

        public Path getAbsPath()
        the path to the item where events are filtered.
      • getUUIDs

        public String[] getUUIDs()
        the uuids of the nodes of this filter or null if this filter does not care about uuids.
      • getNodeTypeNames

        public Set<Name> getNodeTypeNames()
        an unmodifiable set of node type names or null if this filter does not care about node types.
      • getNoLocal

        public boolean getNoLocal()
        if this filter accepts local events.
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Returns a string representation of this EventFilter instance.
        toString in class Object