Class QPropertyDefinitionImpl

    • Constructor Detail

      • QPropertyDefinitionImpl

        public QPropertyDefinitionImpl​(QPropertyDefinition propDef)
        Copy constructor.
        propDef - some other property definition.
      • QPropertyDefinitionImpl

        public QPropertyDefinitionImpl​(Name name,
                                       Name declaringNodeType,
                                       boolean isAutoCreated,
                                       boolean isMandatory,
                                       int onParentVersion,
                                       boolean isProtected,
                                       QValue[] defaultValues,
                                       boolean isMultiple,
                                       int requiredType,
                                       QValueConstraint[] valueConstraints,
                                       String[] availableQueryOperators,
                                       boolean isFullTextSearchable,
                                       boolean isQueryOrderable)
        Creates a new serializable property definition.
        name - the name of the child item.
        declaringNodeType - the declaring node type
        isAutoCreated - if this item is auto created.
        isMandatory - if this is a mandatory item.
        onParentVersion - the on parent version behaviour.
        isProtected - if this item is protected.
        defaultValues - the default values or null if there are none.
        isMultiple - if this property is multi-valued.
        requiredType - the required type for this property.
        valueConstraints - the value constraints for this property. If none exist an empty array must be passed.
        availableQueryOperators - the available query operators
        isFullTextSearchable - if this is fulltext searchable
        isQueryOrderable - if this is queryable
        NullPointerException - if valueConstraints or availableQueryOperators is null.
        JCR 2.0
      • QPropertyDefinitionImpl

        public QPropertyDefinitionImpl​(PropertyDefinition propDef,
                                       NamePathResolver resolver,
                                       QValueFactory qValueFactory)
                                throws RepositoryException
        Creates a new property definition based on propDef.
        propDef - the JCR property definition.
        resolver - the name/path resolver of the session that provided the property definition.
        qValueFactory - the QValue factory.
        RepositoryException - if an error occurs while reading from propDef.
    • Method Detail

      • getDefaultValues

        public QValue[] getDefaultValues()
        Returns the array of default values or null if no default values are defined.
        Specified by:
        getDefaultValues in interface QPropertyDefinition
        the array of default values or null
      • isMultiple

        public boolean isMultiple()
        Reports whether this property can have multiple values.
        Specified by:
        isMultiple in interface QPropertyDefinition
        the 'multiple' flag.
      • isFullTextSearchable

        public boolean isFullTextSearchable()
        Reports whether this property definition is full text searchable.
        Specified by:
        isFullTextSearchable in interface QPropertyDefinition
        true if this property definition is full text searchable.
      • isQueryOrderable

        public boolean isQueryOrderable()
        Reports whether this property definition is query-orderable.
        Specified by:
        isQueryOrderable in interface QPropertyDefinition
        true if this property definition is query-orderable.
      • definesNode

        public boolean definesNode()
        Determines whether this item definition defines a node.
        Specified by:
        definesNode in interface QItemDefinition
        always false
      • equals

        public boolean equals​(Object obj)
        Compares two property definitions for equality. Returns true if the given object is a property definition and has the same attributes as this property definition.
        equals in class QItemDefinitionImpl
        obj - the object to compare this property definition with
        true if the object is equal to this property definition, false otherwise
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