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      DavSession getDavSession()
      Returns the DavSession created for this request.
      int getDepth()
      Return the integer representation of the given Depth header.
      int getDepth​(int defaultValue)
      Returns the integer representation of the Depth header or the given defaultValue, if the Depth header is missing.
      DavResourceLocator getDestinationLocator()
      Parse the Destination header and return the locator of the corresponding resource.
      LockInfo getLockInfo()
      Return the parsed 'lockinfo' request body, the Timeout header and the Depth header of a LOCK request as LockInfo object.
      String getLockToken()
      Returns the token present in the Lock-Token Header or null if no such header is available.
      Note: The 'Lock-Token' header is sent with UNLOCK requests and with lock responses only.
      DavPropertyNameSet getPropFindProperties()
      Return the set of properties the client requested with a PROPFIND request or an empty set if the type of PROPFIND request was DavConstants.PROPFIND_ALL_PROP or DavConstants.PROPFIND_PROPERTY_NAMES.
      int getPropFindType()
      Return the type of PROPFIND request as indicated by the PROPFIND request body.
      List<? extends PropEntry> getPropPatchChangeList()
      Return a List of property change operations.
      Document getRequestDocument()
      Parse the Xml request body and return a Document.
      DavResourceLocator getRequestLocator()
      Return the locator of the requested resource.
      long getTimeout()
      Return the timeout requested in the Timeout header as long.
      boolean isOverwrite()
      Returns true if the Overwrite header is set to 'T' thus instructing the server to overwrite the state of a non-null destination resource during a COPY or MOVE.
      boolean matchesIfHeader​(String href, String token, String eTag)
      Returns true, if the If header present with the request matches to the given href, token and eTag.
      boolean matchesIfHeader​(DavResource resource)
      Returns true, if the If header present with the request matches the given resource.
      void setDavSession​(DavSession session)
      Sets the DavSession to this request.
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