Interface AclResource

    • Method Detail

      • alterAcl

        void alterAcl​(AclProperty aclProperty)
               throws DavException
        Modify the DAV:acl property of this resource object.
        Note: RFC 3744 limits modification of access control elements (ACEs) to elements that are neither inherited nor protected.
        aclProperty - DAV:acl property listing the set of ACEs to be modified by this call. This may be a subset of all access control elements present on this resource object only.
        DavException - If the request fails. RFC 3744 defines a set of preconditions which must be met for a successful ACL request. If these conditions are violated, this method must fail with 403 (Forbidden) or 409 (Conflict) and should provide a detailed error condition in the response body. See RFC 3744 Section 8.1.1 (ACL Preconditions) for further details.