Class AclProperty

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    DavConstants, DavProperty<List<AclProperty.Ace>>, PropEntry, XmlSerializable

    public class AclProperty
    extends AbstractDavProperty<List<AclProperty.Ace>>
    AclProperty defines a protected property that specifies the list of access control entries (ACEs). The set of ACEs define the privileges granted or denied to principals on the resource a given property instance belongs to.
    RFC 3744 defines the following format for this property:
     <!ELEMENT acl (ace*) >
     <!ELEMENT ace ((principal | invert), (grant|deny), protected?, inherited?)>
     <!ELEMENT principal (href | all | authenticated | unauthenticated | property | self)>
     <!ELEMENT invert (principal)>
     <!ELEMENT grant (privilege+)>
     <!ELEMENT deny (privilege+)>
     <!ELEMENT protected EMPTY>
     <!ELEMENT inherited (href)>
    See Also:
    for details regarding DAV:principal, for details regarding DAV:privilege