Class Principal

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    SecurityConstants, XmlSerializable

    public class Principal
    extends Object
    implements XmlSerializable, SecurityConstants
    Principal encapsulates the DAV:principal element which identifies the principal to which this ACE applies. RFC 3744 defines the following structure for this element:
     <!ELEMENT principal (href | all | authenticated | unauthenticated | property | self)>
    • Method Detail

      • getHref

        public String getHref()
        href if this Principal is a href-typed principal, null otherwise.
      • getPropertyName

        public DavPropertyName getPropertyName()
        propertyName if this Principal is a property-principal, null otherwise.
      • getAllPrincipal

        public static Principal getAllPrincipal()
      • getAuthenticatedPrincipal

        public static Principal getAuthenticatedPrincipal()
      • getUnauthenticatedPrincipal

        public static Principal getUnauthenticatedPrincipal()
      • getSelfPrincipal

        public static Principal getSelfPrincipal()
      • getHrefPrincipal

        public static Principal getHrefPrincipal​(String href)