Interface BaselineResource

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    DavResource, DeltaVResource, VersionResource

    public interface BaselineResource
    extends VersionResource
    BaselineResource represents the 'version' of a configuration which is represented by a 'version-controlled-configuration' (VCC) resource. Such as new versions are created by CHECKIN of a version-controlled resource, a new baseline is created, whenever the VCC resource, that represents a set of resources rather than a single resource, is checked-in.

    Since the baseline behaves like a VersionResource and only is defined to provide additional protected properties, this interface only adds a convenience method that allows to retrieve the baseline collection.

    Supported live properties:

     all version properties.
    Supported methods:
     all version methods.
    • Field Detail


        static final DavPropertyName BASELINE_COLLECTION
        The protected DAV:baseline-collection property identifies a distinct collection that lists as members all version-controlled resources of the configuration this baseline belongs to (the baseline being one version of the corresponding vc-configuration-resource). In other words: each member in the list must correspond to a member of the baseline-controlled collection at the time this baseline (version) was created.

        Note that the DAV:baseline-collection represents a HrefProperty


        static final DavPropertyName SUBBASELINE_SET
        The protected DAV:subbaseline-set property identifies a set of baseline resources. Note however, that the subbaselines of this resource are not only formed from the baseline resources listed in this property but also includes all subbaseline resources of the latter. Note that the DAV:subbaseline-set represents a HrefProperty
    • Method Detail

      • getBaselineCollection

        DavResource getBaselineCollection()
                                   throws DavException
        Return the resource that represents the baseline-collection of this baseline, which is identified the href present in the BASELINE_COLLECTION property.
        baseline collection