Interface VersionResource

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    DavResource, DeltaVResource
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    VersionItemCollection, VersionResourceImpl

    public interface VersionResource
    extends DeltaVResource
    VersionResource is a resource that contains a copy of a particular state of a version-controlled resource. A new version resource is created whenever a checked-out version-controlled resource is checked-in. The server allocates a distinct new URL for each new version, and this URL will never be used to identify any resource other than that version. The content and dead properties of a version never change.

    RFC 3253 defines the following required properties for a version resource:

    • DAV:predecessor-set (protected)
    • DAV:successor-set (computed)
    • DAV:checkout-set
    • DAV:version-name
    • DAV:checkout-fork (in-place-checkout or working resource)
    • DAV:checkin-fork (in-place-checkout or working resource)
    • DAV:version-history (version-history)
    • DAV:label-name-set (label)
    • DAV:activity-set (activity)
    • all DeltaV-compliant resource properties.
    If the 'Version-Controlled-Collection Feature' is supported (see section 14 of RFC 3253) the following protected property is defined for a version resource associated with a version-controlled collection.
    • DAV:version-controlled-binding-set

    In addition a version resource must support the following METHODS:

    • LABEL (label)
    • CHECKOUT (working-resource)
    • all DeltaV-compliant resource METHODS.
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        static final DavPropertyName LABEL_NAME_SET
        Required protected property 'DAV:label-name-set' for a version of a webdav resource introduced with the 'LabelInfo' feature. This property contains the labels that currently select this version.
        Property structure is defined as follows:
         <!ELEMENT label-name-set (label-name*)>
         <!ELEMENT label-name (#PCDATA)>
         PCDATA value: string

        static final DavPropertyName PREDECESSOR_SET
        The protected DAV:predecessor property identifies each predecessor of this version. Except for the root version, which has no predecessors, each version has at least one predecessor.
        The property is defined to have the following format:
         <!ELEMENT predecessor-set (href*)>

        static final DavPropertyName SUCCESSOR_SET
        The computed property DAV:successor-set identifies each version whose DAV:predecessor-set identifies this version.
        The property is defined to have the following format:
         <!ELEMENT successor-set (href*)>

        static final DavPropertyName CHECKOUT_SET
        The computed property DAV:checkout-set identifies each checked-out resource whose DAV:checked-out property identifies this version.
        The property is defined to have the following format:
         <!ELEMENT checkout-set (href*)>
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        static final DavPropertyName VERSION_NAME
        The protected property DAV:version-name defines a human readable id for this version. The id defined to be unique within the version-history this version belongs to.
        The property is defined to have the following format:
         <!ELEMENT version-name (#PCDATA)>
         PCDATA value: string

        static final DavPropertyName VERSION_HISTORY
        The computed property DAV:version-history identifies the version history that contains this version.
        The property is defined to have the following format:
         <!ELEMENT version-history (href)>

        static final DavPropertyName CHECKOUT_FORK
        This property controls the behavior of CHECKOUT when a version already is checked out or has a successor.

        static final DavPropertyName CHECKIN_FORK
        This property controls the behavior of CHECKIN when a version already has a successor.

        static final DavPropertyName ACTIVITY_SET
        DAV:activity-set is a required property for a version resource, if the server supports the activity feature.
        It identifies the activities that determine to which logical changes this version contributes, and on which lines of descent this version appears. A server MAY restrict the DAV:activity-set to identify a single activity. A server MAY refuse to allow the value of the DAV:activity-set property of a version to be modified.

        The property is defined to have the following format:

         <!ELEMENT activity-set (href*)>
        Note that the DAV:activity-set represents a HrefProperty

        static final DavPropertyName VERSION_CONTROLLED_BINDING_SET
        If the 'Version-Controlled-Collection Feature' is supported the DAV:version-controlled-binding-set property identifies the name and the version history of all version-controlled internal members of the collection this version resource belongs to.

        This property is defined to have the following format:

         <!ELEMENT version-controlled-binding-set (version-controlled-binding*)>
         <!ELEMENT version-controlled-binding (binding-name, version-history)>
         <!ELEMENT binding-name (#PCDATA)>
         PCDATA value: URL segment
         <!ELEMENT version-history (href)>
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    • Method Detail

      • label

        void label​(LabelInfo labelInfo)
            throws DavException
        Modify the labels of this version resource. The modifications (SET, ADD or REMOVE) are listed in the specified LabelInfo object.
        The case of a label name must be preserved when it is stored and retrieved.
        If the type of modification is ADD, then the label must not yet occur on any other version within the same version history. In contrast a SET modification will move the indicated label to this version, if it existed with another version before. After a successful LABEL request the label must not appear with any other version in the same version history.
        labelInfo -
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