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Latest development

The latest FileVault Package Maven Plugin source code is available at

Building FileVault Package Maven Plugin

You can build FileVault Package Maven Plugin using Maven:

cd jackrabbit-filevault-package-maven-plugin
mvn clean install

You need Maven 3.3.9 (or higher) with Java 8 (or higher) for the build. For more instructions, please see the documentation at

Issue Tracker

Apache Jackrabbit FileVault uses Jira for tracking bug reports and requests for improvements, new features, and other changes.

The issue tracker is available at and is readable by everyone. A Jira account is needed to create new issues and to comment on existing issues. Use the registration form to request an account if you do not already have one.

See the Jackrabbit Issue Tracker Page for more information.

Mailing Lists

To get involved with the Apache Jackrabbit project, start by having a look at our website and joining our mailing lists. For more details about Jackrabbit mailing lists as well as links to list archives, please see:


See the extensive Release Documentation on the steps involved to release Jackrabbit FileVault.