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Generating import-package MANIFEST entries

The Filevault content package maven plugin can analyze the classpath of the compiled classes, derived from the content and create an import-package MANIFEST entry. Although this is rather something to be expected in the OSGi world, declaring the java packages that the content potentially needs can help detecting deployment errors early.

How it works

(todo: add more detailed explanation)

The generation of the import-package entry is performed in 3 steps:

1. generate classes

  1. JSP or HTL plugin transpile the scripts
  2. Maven compiler plugin compiles the generated java sources

2. analyze classes

The classpath analysis is done in the analyze-classes goal:

  1. scan the java classes and extract the used java packages
  2. scan the dependencies and extract package version information from the MANIFEST if present
  3. cross reference the packages with the version information from the bundles
  4. write preliminary import-package entry to ${vault.generatedImportPackage}

3. post-process and merge with project properties

The final step is performed in the package goal:

  1. read ${vault.generatedImportPackage}
  2. merge with instructions in <importPackage>
  3. add import-package entry to META-INF/MANIFEST.MF

Working with JSPs


Working with HTL

Where as the HTL use classes provided through bundles or via java classes in the content are simple to handle, the HTL scripts needs more treatment. similar to the JSPs, the HTL maven plugin can be used to transpile the scripts to java and then the maven compiler will create the classes.

Note on the analyzed packages

The transpiled HTL scripts will contain some sightly compiler and runtime references, which are not true dependencies of the scripts. Nevertheless, they are needed to compile the scripts for the validation and will end up in the analyzed packages. by default, the following packages are excluded from the final import-package:

Note: The excludes are present in the default value of the <importPackage> property and are lost if it is defined in the project. In this cases they need to be added manually.

Example configuration for HTL


    <!-- needed for HTL compilation validation -->