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Migrating From Adobe's Content Package Maven Plugin


Some of the functionality of (Adobe's plugin) was not retained when the code was migrated to the org.apache.jackrabbit:filevault-package-maven-plugin (Jackrabbit's plugin). In particular, all the goals dealing with the Adobe's CRX Package Manager interoperability were removed.

Starting with the 1.0.2 release of Adobe's plugin, all the content package build functionality was removed, so that both plugins can now be used in the same project (pom).

Projects that want to migrate to Jackrabbit's plugin just need to replace the Maven coordinates of the content package plugin. And, if the package manager goals are still needed, add Adobe's plugin again.

The Adobe plugin since 1.0.2 does no longer come with any extensions or custom lifecycle mapping, so you can remove <extensions>true</extensions> on it.


An example plugin section could look like this:

    <!-- this plugin creates the content package artifact --> 

    <!-- this plugin is only needed for crx package manager deployment -->

Next Steps

Currently there is no roadmap for implementing a package manager in Jackrabbit. Some ideas are tracked in JCRVLT-151, but until then, the plugin will not support any deployment options.

Alternatively, projects can use the 3rd party Composum Package Manager together with Adobe's plugin or the Content Package Maven Plugin.