Interface InstallHook

All Known Implementing Classes:
ExampleHook, ExampleOsgiHook

@ConsumerType public interface InstallHook
An install hook is used to do some pre and post work during a package install. the hooks need to have at least one class that implements this interface. the class is identified by the normal "Main-Class" manifest property and needs to be instantiatable. The instantiated hook class is used for the entire life-cycle of the installation process until the InstallContext.Phase.END phase. The hook jars need to be placed in the "META-INF/vault/hooks" directory and are executed in alphabetical sequence for each installation phase. A hook can throw a PackageException to abort the current phase, but this has currently only an effect in the InstallContext.Phase.PREPARE and InstallContext.Phase.INSTALLED phase. If a hook fails, the current phase is aborted and all hooks (also the failing one) are called again with the respective "fail" phase.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Executes hook specific code.
  • Method Details

    • execute

      void execute(InstallContext context) throws PackageException
      Executes hook specific code. This is called for each installation phase.
      context - the installation context
      PackageException - if the hook desires to abort the current phase.