Class BinaryUploadOptions.BinaryUploadOptionsBuilder

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    public static final class BinaryUploadOptions.BinaryUploadOptionsBuilder
    extends java.lang.Object
    Used to build an instance of BinaryUploadOptions with the options set as desired by the caller.
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      • withDomainOverrideIgnore

        public BinaryUploadOptions.BinaryUploadOptionsBuilder withDomainOverrideIgnore​(boolean domainOverrideIgnore)
        Sets the option to ignore any configured domain override setting. The default value of this option is false, meaning that any configured domain override setting should be honored when generating signed upload URIs. Setting this value to true will indicate that the signed upload URIs being generated should not honor any configured domain override setting.
        domainOverrideIgnore - true to ignore any configured domain override setting, false otherwise.
        the calling instance.