Class DataRecordDownloadOptions

  • public class DataRecordDownloadOptions
    extends java.lang.Object
    Contains download options for downloading a data record directly from a storage location using the direct download feature.
    • Field Detail

      • DEFAULT

        public static DataRecordDownloadOptions DEFAULT
        Provides a default implementation of this class. Clients should use this instance when they have no options to specify and are willing to accept the service provider default behavior.
    • Method Detail

      • fromBlobDownloadOptions

        public static DataRecordDownloadOptions fromBlobDownloadOptions​(@NotNull
                                                                        @NotNull BlobDownloadOptions downloadOptions)
        Create an instance of this class directly from a BlobDownloadOptions instance.
        downloadOptions - The download options to use to initialize this instance.
        The new instance of this class.
      • getContentTypeHeader

        public @Nullable java.lang.String getContentTypeHeader()
        Generate the correct HTTP Content-Type header value from the mediaType and characterEncoding in this class, if set.

        If mediaType has not been given a value, this method will return null.

        The correct value for a Content-Type header, or null if the mediaType has not been specified.
      • getContentDispositionHeader

        public @Nullable java.lang.String getContentDispositionHeader()
        Generate the correct HTTP Content-Disposition header value from the fileName and dispositionType in this class, if set.

        A value will be returned if the file name has been set, OR if the disposition type has been explicitly set to "attachment". Otherwise null will be returned.

        The correct value for a Content-Disposition header, or null if the fileName has not been specified and the dispositionType has not been set to "attachment".
      • getMediaType

        public @Nullable java.lang.String getMediaType()
        Returns the media type of this instance.
        The media type, or null if it has not been set.
      • getCharacterEncoding

        public @Nullable java.lang.String getCharacterEncoding()
        Returns the character encoding of this instance.
        The character encoding, or null if it has not been set.
      • getFileName

        public @Nullable java.lang.String getFileName()
        Returns the file name of this instance.
        The file name, or null if it has not been set.
      • getDispositionType

        public @Nullable java.lang.String getDispositionType()
        Returns the disposition type of this instance.
        The disposition type, or null if it has not been set.
      • isDomainOverrideIgnored

        public boolean isDomainOverrideIgnored()
        Indicates whether the data store should ignore any configured download domain override value when generating the signed download URI.
        true if the domain override should be ignored; false otherwise.