Class SingleColumnQueryResult

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    QueryResult, JackrabbitQueryResult

    public class SingleColumnQueryResult
    extends QueryResultImpl
    SingleColumnQueryResult implements a query result that returns a single column. That is, executes a lucene query.
    • Field Detail

      • orderProps

        protected final Path[] orderProps
        The relative paths of properties to use for ordering the result set.
      • orderSpecs

        protected final boolean[] orderSpecs
        The order specifier for each of the order properties.
    • Method Detail

      • executeQuery

        protected MultiColumnQueryHits executeQuery​(long resultFetchHint)
                                             throws IOException
        Executes the query for this result and returns hits. The caller must close the query hits when he is done using it.
        Specified by:
        executeQuery in class QueryResultImpl
        resultFetchHint - a hint on how many results should be fetched.
        hits for this query result.
        IOException - if an error occurs while executing the query.