Class EventJournalResourceImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    DavResource, SearchResource, TransactionResource, DeltaVResource

    public class EventJournalResourceImpl
    extends Object
    Implements a JCR EventJournal in terms of an RFC 4287 Atom feed.

    Each feed entry represents either a single event, or, if the repository supports the Event.PERSIST event, an event bundle. The actual event data is sent in the Atom <content> element and uses the same XML serialization as the one used for subscriptions.

    Skipping is implemented by specifying the desired time offset (represented as hexadecimal long in ms since the epoch) disguised as ETag in the HTTP "If-None-Match" header field.

    The generated feed may not be complete; the total number of events is limited in order not to overload the client.

    Furthermore, the number of events is limited by going up to 2000 ms into the future (based on the request time). This is supposed to limit the wait time for the client).