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Cutting diagnostic builds

The cutting of a diagnostic build, is the process where you want to deliver one or more oak bundles, let’s say oak-core into a specific environment in order to assess whether it actually solves the issues.

What you are aiming is to eventually produce a bundle in the format of, for example, oak-core-1.0.22-R2707077.

Let’s see it through an example.

We want to produce a diagnostic build of oak-core for what it will be Oak 1.0.23. It means we currently have in our pom.xml a version of <version>1.0.23-SNAPSHOT</version>.

What version shall I use?

Open the svn directory where the 1.0 branch is and issue a

$ svn up
$ svn info

you will see something like

Working Copy Root Path: /apache/oak-svn-1.0
Repository Root:
Repository UUID: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
Revision: 1708581
Node Kind: directory
Schedule: normal
Last Changed Author: chetanm
Last Changed Rev: 1708547
Last Changed Date: 2015-10-14 06:56:40 +0100 (Wed, 14 Oct 2015)

what you’re interested is the revision number. In our case: 1708581.

This means you’ll produce a bundle with a version of 1.0.22-R2708581.

Note that the produced version is lower then the official release you’re working on. 1.0.22 vs 1.0.23

Note to use the ‘-R’ (uppercase) instead of ‘-r’ (lowercase) as it will be lower than ‘-SNAPSHOT’. Doing otherwise will result in troubles when trying to apply a ‘-SNAPSHOT’ version on top of the internal build

If you’re in doubt about what versioning and how OSGi or Maven will behave have a look at the Versionatorr App. You want your diagnostic build to be always less than the oak version where your fix is going to be released.

Changing the version in all the poms.

Now that you know you want to produce 1.0.22-R2708581 you have to change all the poms accordingly.

Go into oak-parent and issue the following maven command.

oak-parent$ mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=1.0.22-R2708581

you may encounter the following exception. Simply ignore it. Nothing went wrong. /oak-svn-1.0/oak-parent/oak-parent (No such file or directory)

Building the release

Now you can build the release as usual

jackrabbit-oak$ mvn clean install

and you’ll have a full oak build with the version 1.0.22-R2708581. Go into oak-core/target and take the produced jar.

Re-setting the svn branch

You don’t want to commit the changes back to svn so we reset the branch as the original state

jackrabbit-oak$ mvn versions:revert