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Jackrabbit Status July 2006

From the minutes of the Apache board meeting on July 19th, 2006:

The Apache Jackrabbit project has had a relatively quiet two months since our last report. We have not added any new committers and we have no board issues at this time.

We successfully released Apache Jackrabbit 1.0.1 on June 2nd and are currently working on a 1.1 release. Most of the effort has been around cleaning up the edge cases as more new developers send in bug reports related to their own application's use of the 1.0 release. We also have one active SoC project working on a backup system for JCR repositories. Hopefully, we'll be seeing more patches soon from developers outside the core committers. I would be happier if we had some new blood to nominate for the PMC.

At some point over the next two months, I am hoping to turn over the Jackrabbit PMC chair position to someone else on the project. Being chair of two different projects is a bit too distracting and I think more people need to learn how to do it.