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Jackrabbit History

The Apache Jackrabbit project has a long history that is recorded in the archives various mailing lists, Apache board minutes, and of course also in the Jackrabbit codebase. This page highlights some of the key historical events and records from past years.

For recent events, have a look at the News Archive.

Jackrabbit in 2021

Jackrabbit in 2012

Jackrabbit in 2010

Jackrabbit in 2009

Jackrabbit in 2008

Jackrabbit in 2007

Jackrabbit in 2006

Jackrabbit in 2005

Jackrabbit in 2004

  • October 2004: Jackrabbit Status October 2004
  • September 2004: The incubating Apache Jackrabbit project is started
  • September 2004: The project is renamed to “Jackrabbit”
  • August 2004: The JCR Proposal is [accepted|] by the Incubator PMC
  • August 2004: The idea of making the JCR RI an independent project in the Incubator is discussed
  • May 2004: The JCR RI returns to the Slide CVS
  • February 2004: The JCR RI codebase is removed from Slide CVS for [various reasons|]

Jackrabbit in 2003

  • February 2003: Initial version of the JCR RI codebase is imported to Slide CVS
  • February 2003: The first proposal is made of making Slide the JSR 170 reference implementation

Jackrabbit in 2002

  • May 2002: Initial ideas about making Slide a JSR 170 content repository are discussed
  • February 2002: JSR 170 is first mentioned on the Slide development list