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Jackrabbit Status May 2006

From the minutes of the Apache board meeting on May 24th, 2006:

The Apache Jackrabbit project has had a relatively quiet month since our last report. We have no board issues at this time.

The response to our 1.0 release has been very positive and the number of active participants on the dev list has increased substantially. Many of the Jackrabbit developers attended the JSR 283 face-to-face meeting in Basel, Switzerland, on May 2-3. The JSR 283 EG agreed that Jukka Zitting could publish a summary of what was being planned for future JCR API revisions to the public Apache lists. Issue items and proposals for the JCR 1.1 and 2.0 APIs are being tracked at All of the Jackrabbit committers are also members of the JSR 283 expert group.