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Jackrabbit Status September 2006

From the minutes of the Apache board meeting on September 20th, 2006:

The Apache Jackrabbit project has progressed steadily since our last status report. We have no board-level issues at this time.

  • We voted in Julian Reschke as a new committer and PMC member.
  • The Apache Jackrabbit 1.1 release is scheduled to happen at the end of September.
  • The recent face-lift of our web site received some attention due to the “customized” Apache feather logo included in the design. The issue was discussed within the PRC and for now we are back to using the standard Apache logo to link back to the foundation.
  • Day Software has contributed an initial SPI layer for the JCR API based on earlier work within the JSR 283 expert group. The ongoing SPI effort has potential to clarify and better modularize the Jackrabbit core.
  • We have discussed with the incubating Apache Graffito project on perhaps moving the generic object-content mapping tool they are developing into the Apache Jackrabbit project where the tool could enjoy a wider community of interested users and developers. The feedback within both projects has been positive.
  • Our Google Summer of Code project ended successfully with a backup tool that implements almost all of the planned features. The missing feature (restoring version histories) identified a need for structural changes within the Jackrabbit core and we are working on solving this issue. The GSoC experience also sparked a good discussion on the policies of accepting code changes.