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Jackrabbit Status June 2010

Apache Jackrabbit is a fully conforming implementation of the Content Repository for Java Technology API (JCR, specified in JSR 170 and 283).

The Apache Jackrabbit project is in good shape. We have no board-level issues at this time.


Jackrabbit 2.1 was released in April:

  • Apache Jackrabbit 2.1.0 on April 22nd

We also made maintenance releases from the 1.6 and 1.4 branches:

  • Apache Jackrabbit 1.6.2 on June 7th
  • jackrabbit-core 1.4.12 on June 7th


The question in LEGAL-50 about redistribution of the standard JCR API jar has now been officially resolved. Thanks to the legal team for the closure on this! With LEGAL-50 resolved, we have no open legal issues.

We use RAT for automatic license header checks as a part of our normal Hudson CI builds, and the accuracy of our LICENSE and NOTICE files is manually reviewed before each release.

Community / Development

No new committers were added in this quarter. This is our third consequitive quarter with no new committers. It looks like we need to pay more attention to helping out and mentoring contributors. We have traditionally maintained relatively high entry criteria for new committers.

Community diversity remains an issue we pay attention to, as the bulk of Jackrabbit development is still done by one company. In this quarter we've had eight people committing to Jackrabbit trunk, six of whom are employees of Day Software. We satisfy the criteria of at least three independent active committers and the community is healthy. Thus I don't see diversity as an immediate problem for Jackrabbit, but it's a topic we are aware of especially in light of the few new committers we've recently attracted.


The Confluence upgrade caused some breakage on our web site and required manual fixing. We are not too happy with our current Confluence auto-export setup, and are considering other options.

Some of our Hudson builds have been failing due to generic Hudson problems. We're hoping that the new master server will solve these issues. We're also looking forward to a chance to set up a Sonar instance for Apache projects.