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Every repository export/package carries metadata which is evaluated during import and/or export.

Category Path Description Relevant for Import or Export? Mandatory for Packages?
Workspace Filters META-INF/vault/filter.xml Contains import rules and subtree paths to be imported/exported both yes
Package Properties META-INF/vault/properties.xml (and META-INF/MANIFEST.MF) Main metadata of packages import yes
FileVault FS Configuration META-INF/vault/config.xml FS configuration affecting serialization of aggregates export no
Settings META-INF/vault/settings.xml Allows to ignore certain file names export no
Node Types and Namespaces META-INF/vault/*.cnd Registration of JCR node types and namespaces import no
Privileges META-INF/vault/privileges.xml Registration of custom JCR privileges import no
Package Definition META-INF/vault/definition/.content.xml Additional metadata import no
Install Hooks META-INF/vault/hooks/*.jar Allows post/pre-processing of packages import no